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International Connect:

Choreo Culture is associated with globally renowned international dance syllabus boards like:
- CSTD, Australia
- iDance, U.K. and
-  United Kingdom Alliance ( Blackpool U.K.)

At Choreo Culture we teach various dance forms confirming to these international dance syllabi which includes:
- Jazz,  Ballet,  Tap,  Contemporary,  Urban Latin and Theatre Art aligned to the CSTD, Australia dance syllabus
- Hip-Hop conforming to iDance, U.K. syllabus and
- Ballroom Dance following the United Kingdom Alliance ( Blackpool U.K.) syllabus

Choreo Culture is closely associated with Hip Hop International(HHI) based in Los Angeles. In association with HHI,  Choreo Culture strives to provide its students with an international platform to learn and compete on. Every year our students compete at the internationally famed World Hip Hop International Dance Championship in U.S. In 2014 our dancers reached the finals in the championship thereby leaving a golden mark in the history of dance in India. A movie ABCD2 was produced dedicated to their inspirational dance journey.

Our International dance associations help us stand tall globally, providing best in class learning opportunities and delivering excellence in dance education

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